Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My First Home Jewelry Party!

In the past I have done many craft shows and flea markets to promote my jewelry collection. This was before I had an official business name and a webshop through ETSY. I never though about all of the expenses that you have to put out. I had to buy fixtures. Of course when I wasn't looking for fixtures, EVERY jewelry store was going out of business. Then when I needed them, none were to be found. I guess, that is life!

My aunt told me that she would love to host a jewelry party for Gloria's Jewelry Box at her house. Here are a few pictures. The event went rather well, I had a good turnout for it to be a rainy day. I plan to continue doing this, all of my guests said they felt very relaxed and had a great time. Does anyone have any ideas for hosting the perfect home jewelry show? Please share!


  1. This is such a cool step for you! Congrats!

    I still have to brave a craft show. How did you get over your fears and dive in?

  2. You have to be your own #1 fan! I truly believe in my jewelry, the same way that you believe in your accessories. Just throw yourself out there!

  3. Congrats with the big step of being your own boss. Trust me when I say it does take more work then what we think. More responsibilities, more hats, but it all pays off. I'm so happy to hear that your trunk show went well. Great job. I think the tips I can share here is keep a good list of all the people that's bought from you in the past and always give out your business cards to intrested customers. Ware your creations, have your frenz ware them too. Give your frenz some of your business cards to pass out to their frenz too. Word of mouth is your greatest marketing method. If people like what they see, they'll come back and want to buy from you. If your frenz promote you give them free bees. Every one always get giddy when they receive surprises. Plan your trunk shows around the seasonal times like right before mothers day, valentines day, you know things like that. It gives people the incentive to buy. And most of all don't forget to give a hostess gift to anyone promoting your party. It works. Anyways hope this helps and thanks for the follow too. check out my other sites, I have a business site on my page discussing some of these things.

    Aloha PK

  4. sweet party! Good luck with all your endeavors!!

  5. That was very sweet of your aunt! I think you are very dear to her since she went all the way to organize such wonderful jewelry for you! And it’s really a nice event to display and market your pieces. Having cool design boxes and cases is a very nice idea to have for your next event. It’s good to know that you had fun, and I wish you well on your future ventures.
    Paige Low