Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's been a long time.....

I know it has been a LONG time... Well I am back in the classroom after a two year hiatus, it's taking me a bit longer to get used to working! The little ones can REALLY wear you out! So I will try to post to the blog 2-3 times each week. I've been working on a few new things before I went back in, they should be up on Gloria's Jewelry Box in the next two weeks! Take care! (Photo courtesy of


  1. The little ones will suck your energy and keep on going. I'm sure you will have fun. Can't wait to see the new items.

  2. :) I agree, they do wear you out. It is the fun and end of the day achievement that satisfy and make you very happy. All the best.

  3. Hi there!!! i have chosen you for a Kreativ blog award. see my latest post to find out all about it!!!
    Cheers from Amanda

  4. well come back to the callas room and take your journey of success. Wish you all the best

    Vintage Rings

  5. Happy you're a getting back with it, and love the jewelry you design, very great jewelry!!!!!!!!:))
    Now following and hope to see more of that jewelry!