Saturday, August 1, 2009

Some of my First Jewels...

During a recent visit to my grandmom Gloria's house, I had a treasure hunt through her jewelry. As you may know, my jewelry business is named after her and her LOVE of jewelry. I've been making jewwelry since I was a child and found a few of my early pieces in her jewelry box. As you can see I painted a wood brooch for her with watercolors! Too funny! Here are a few of the pics!


  1. Too cute!! Even as a child you had talent. You were totally destined to be a jewelry designer. = )Thanks for sharing!

  2. How sweet for her to still have it too. Great work young Gloria. My grandmother never through away this Love, Pray, Grow miniture screen thing I did for her. She kept it on her dresser.

  3. So completely and utterly sweet!
    You definitely knew your calling from the get go!

  4. is looking very qute jewels. You are looking to be talented person. I also love to make such type quet pieces.
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