Saturday, August 22, 2009

And the nominees are...

SPECIAL THANKS to Angelina of Angelina Fong Designs for nominating me for this lovely Up and Coming Blog Star award! What a fabulous idea and I'm truly honored to be amongst the first group of nominees! It was such a pleasant surprise!

Now to my acceptance specch...What an honor to get a Blog Star award! Especially considering the fact that I had no idea how to blog until I joined ETSY! When I started my blog, it took me two moths to figure out how to attach a a link! Well I figured it out and I love every second of it. I especially love sharing my vintage finds and garden pics, those are things that I love to do in addition to my jewelry. Thanks for following me and I love it when I hear from you!

So without further ado, I'd like to return the honor of this lovely award by nominating some of my favorite up and coming bloggers:

Sydney Austin Designs

Yellow Finch Designs

Kate8085 Where Eagles Dare

If you have been nominated for this award, you must pay it forward! Do you know a blogstress who hasn't blogged for long (less than 3 years) but is one of the next generation of super bloggers? If so, this award is for her! The rules are, you must post an acceptance speech on your blog (feel free to thank the academy!) and then nominate as many other blogs as you wish. and, if you have been nominated, feel free to post the above award proudly on your blog!


  1. Thanks so much!! You are too sweet!
    And congrats on your award, you deserve it!!

  2. Congratulations!!! What a cute idea.....

  3. Wow, congratulations. You must be so excited!