Friday, August 21, 2009

One of the casualties of motherhood...

Look at my poor bracelet! This is the result of a 1 year old baby boy who like to throw anything he can get his hands on! Out of the corner of my eye I saw him with my bracelet, before I could grab it from him I see it going across the floor. Needless to say I bought this bracelet online on clearance, so there is little hope of replacing it. Repairing it would be a joke considering all of the little pieces that broke off. So all I can say is that this is a lesson learned. KEEP ALL JEWELRY AWAY FROM CURIOUS BABIES!!! Oh well, it looked really cute with my outfit


  1. Eek! Babies are a jewelry hazard!
    That is why I have dogs, because they would never chew anything up or break it...wait a minute..

  2. lol I know! My friend has a puppy and I keep all purses and sparkly things away from her!!!

  3. Aw no, I hate it when things we love get broke and smashed. It doesn't matter who or what by, but if we can't repair it or find another our heart breaks.


  4. I truly know the feeling. My daughter is 4 and still like to "use" my things and they often end up broken. My son is 12 and he grew out of breaking my things around 4-5. Be patient when that phase ends...they just start driving you crazy for a living! lol!

  5. well, it was a nice bracelet...

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