Tuesday, June 21, 2011

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moncherie43 nostalgic jewelry

Gloria's Jewelry Box is very excited about our weekly Artist Spotlight Series. You have to check out the creative work by this multi-talented artist! I am in love with the Berries and Cream - set of 3 hair pins! Show some love!!!

1. Tell me a little about yourself! What inspired you to open an ETSY shop and what is your business?

I'm Chelsea, a girl with a love for all things whimsical, dainty and nostalgic! I've always been creative, whether it's with photography, art or jewelry making, and decided to take the plunge one day and create moncherie43! The 43 in my store's name is because a lot of my jewelry is inspired by the 40's. There's also some rocker, tribal, plus wedding pieces in there! I can do custom orders as well. Something special just for you!

2. What ETSY team(s) are you a part of?

Four pages worth... eeek! There are lots of promotion and treasury teams.

3. When did you begin your business?

On the 5th of March 2011.

4. What inspires you to create?

Anything really! Nature, romance, old polaroids, browsing Etsy, and of course my massive collection of supplies!

5. What do you envision your business in the next five years?

I'm hoping that I'll have hundreds of items! Maybe I'll also have home wares, photography or another shop altogether. We'll see!

6. What is the best business advice you have ever received?

Never give up. I know this sounds cliche, but there will always be bumps in the road towards success, you just have to push through.

7. What are three of your favorite ETSY shops?

I'm sure everyone says this, but I seriously can't decide my favourites as there's too many amazing shops on Etsy! Three shops I've bought from that are great are: thelittlefox, epicallyepicsoaps and LoveandKnit.

8. What is something that you tried crafting, that turned out to be a disaster?

Surprisingly there's been no jewelry disasters yet. I'm sure there will be many down the road, as I'm adding new items to moncherie43 everyday!

9. What are three things that few people know about you?

I love horror movies, I can sing and play guitar pretty well (not trying to brag!) and that I would love to DJ part time some day.

10. Check out this fabulous seller!

You can see my whimsicalities here: www.moncherie43.etsy.com

Returning customers get 10% off everything in store with a special code sent with their order!

My new blog: moncherie43.blogspot.com

I'm making a Facebook soon, and I'll post it on my blog, so be sure to follow it!
No Twitter just yet, but trust me, there will be!

Enjoy ;)

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  1. What a gorgeous ring! Love the nail polish :)